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On tap beers

Bayerischer Bahnhof Gose   (GER)
Burning Sky Saison Rouge   (ING)
Extraomnes Tripel   (ITA)
Five Points Pale Ale   (ENG)
Fyne Ales Jarl   (SCO)
Gaenstaller Zwickel Pils   (GER)
Lambrate Lambrate   (ITA)
Lambrate Quarantot   (ITA)
Lervig Konrad Cherry Port   (NOR)
Oud Beersel Lambic   (BEL)
Rurale Seta    (ITA)
Siren Haunted Dreams   (ENG)
Siren Liquid Mistress   (ENG)
Vento Forte Loner   (ITA)
Vento Forte Sour Session   (ITA)
Weihenstephan Vitus   (GER)

Ma che siete venuti a fà

mt_ignore: Our beer stock becomes from a careful selection within the international beer world. We mainly deal with handmade products, tested where they come from, thanks to "holidays/job" which allowed us to learn the wonderful world of handmade beers. Our on tap plant must be carefully maintained and cleaned as much as we can, in order to serve you not pasteurized and not filtered beer in the best conditions. We actually do that, using appropriate cleaning fluid in order to not allow annoying yeast amass which is one of the reason why your beer may not have the original taste. Tapping is also very carefully practised from us, so that you can drink a perfect beer: you may have to wait many minutes (time depends on the beer) because beer should have the right froth quantity; in that way, your beer will have the right balance between flavouring and taste. Furthermore, the right quantity of froth will protect your beer from being oxidized. Finally, our specific glasses exalts the beer taste in all its characteristics, but don't forget that you have to follow specific steps to taste your beer in the best way: watch, whiff and taste it.

We have two refrigerating rooms with a different temperature for each one, varying between 6-12°C (42.8-53.6°F), protecting the beer in the best way and optimizing the single service temperature. The reason why we do that is to be the first to "get drunk" of high quality beer! Laughing

Have a good drink!